Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: This Plus That by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

In honor of Love of Reading Week, I absolutely must mention Amy Krouse Rosenthal's This Plus That: Life's Little Equations.  You will fall in love with this book and most likely spend the rest of your day creating your own little equations.  As is true of most of Rosenthal's picture books, it is based on a beautifully simple concept: This + That = Something.  Easy enough.  She includes "Yes + No = Maybe" and "Wishes + Frosting = Birthday."  There is "Small + Bottle = Baby" and "Tall + Coffee = Grownup."  The fun continues as you turn each page and attempt to guess the solution of the equation before reading.  You'll even see some more complex operations toward the end of the book, such as subtraction and division, which spices up the pattern a bit.

Having recently attended a training on incorporating math and science into storytimes, I cannot praise this book enough.  Not only does it familiarize children with basic mathematical symbols and concepts, it makes math friendly and applicable to a child's life.  What does dark plus popcorn equal?  A movie, of course!  It is important to introduce your child to the vast world of science and math vocabulary, even before your child takes his or her first math class in school.  In general, don't shy away from using difficult words in conversation.  Just make sure to use words your child already understands to explain the difficult words.  As we're always saying at the library:  Large + Vocabulary = Super Reader.

Happy Love of Reading Week to you all.

Miss + Ashley = Book Lover

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